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Innovative ideas, trending products and effective business solutions are some key areas we as a team are focused on. We not only offer high-quality and innovative products, but we offer both to our suppliers and our customers complete know-how from international trade, logistical solutions, marketing to sales.

Through the years, we have developed a strong network of reliable suppliers, customers and friends. Our progressive, comprehensive solutions through the entire value chain, could help you take your business to the next level. Let us become your support, so we can help you respond faster and in a more efficient way to today’s dynamic and globalized market.

We are always open to a constructive dialog with our partners and believe that this is crucial in order to obtain and maintain the necessary knowledge. We do not know if we can always meet your needs and expectations, but we will for sure, do our utmost to exceed them. We are always open to building a long-term partnership with new suppliers and customers and therefore are looking forward to your inquiry.

About Us

Interlat company was founded in 2011 in Zagreb, Croatia. Our primary mission was to supply the local market of Croatia with different kinds of dairy products. As the number of partners was growing, in 2017 we decided to extend our business to other international markets. At that time, the core business was still trading with dairy products on export markets and sales of dairy products to the Food Service and retail market of Croatia.
In 2018, we developed a new department within our company, which was fully dedicated to the import and distribution of different kinds of frozen bakery products in Croatia. Following the trends in the bakery industry, in less than 1 year, we became one of the main players in the frozen bakery product range in Croatia.
The success of our frozen bakery department encouraged us to extend business with bakery products to other countries in the South-Eastern European region.
Although we are trading with different kinds of fish, meat and other fine food products, the frozen bakery product range, along with the dairy product range, are the most important product categories in our company.
Nowadays, we supply directly to retailers and food service customers in Croatia and Slovenia, while in other export destinations we have local partners who are engaged in import, warehousing and distribution of our products.

Main product categories

Dairy products

We supply our customers with a wide range of dairy products. We source cheeses, yogurts, fruit yogurts, powders, dairy liquids and dairy desserts from renowned European manufacturers and sell them either locally or trade with them around the world. Our goal is to always supply the best quality, thus ensuring us to build long-term partnership with our suppliers and customers.

Frozen bakery products

Combining local tradition and modern trends, we have successfully launched many frozen bakery products both for Retail and HoReCa sectors. We are constantly monitoring trends in the industry and are always trying to introduce innovative products on international markets adopting them to the local needs. We are glad to share our expertise in frozen bakery business with both our existing customers and potential clients.

Our mission is to provide the best service to our customers through an efficient and flexible business model with the finest quality products at competitive prices.

– Mission

Our vision is to be our client’s preferred partner and widely recognized for our effective and credible service.

– Vision

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